Floods, fire and confronting emptiness

There are terrible floods sweeping south west England. Hearing the strained voices of those affected on the radio and TV is pause for thought. These people have had their homes and memories turned… Continue reading

Stuff, nonsense, and needing little

The calendar has flicked from 2013 to 2014, and no doubt we each have our own set of wishes, hopes and aims for the year ahead. 2015 seems far off, with a whole… Continue reading

One man, his motorbike, and the adventure of a lifetime

When I was younger, I used to waitress for weddings and private functions for a bit of extra money. Graham Styles worked some of the same events; he was usually on the bar,… Continue reading

Biophilia: nature knows best

You know when you read about something for the first time and your brain goes click, of course! That’s exactly what happened when I started reading about biophilia, and I wanted to share… Continue reading

Career Change Interview: accountant to magician

Ian Keable used to work as an accountant, until he made the leap to become a full-time freelance magician. It’s got to be one of the rarest career changes I’ve come across, and… Continue reading

Video: Thoreauvian simple living

I came across this video a year or so ago and was blown away by its beauty. Whether or not we would want to live our own lives like this, it’s undoubtedly a… Continue reading

The Quantified Self: creepy or clever?

Can we find meaning through measurement? The Quantified Self movement thinks so. It’s a really interesting subculture that’s fast becoming mainstream, and it says that by measuring and monitoring our daily lives, we… Continue reading

Desire Lines

Vita Experimentiva has been quiet for a few days because I’ve been changing its name and switching domains. It’s now: Desire Line at http://www.desire-line.com. What’s a desire line? Desire lines, alternatively called desire paths, are those pathways… Continue reading

One simple statement that says it all

For today, a simple post sharing one of my favourite quotes:     It’s actually the front cover of a book by Colin Wright, an author, blogger over at Exile Lifestyle, and publishing… Continue reading

If you watch one thing today, make it this

I know this has done the rounds on Facebook a bit already, but to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, this speech by Tim Minchin to the University of Western Australia is just… Continue reading